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Why choose WISBOROUGH?

Because we care about you as a person. Because we want to help you be your best

 Because we want to help you be less fearful and more confident.  Because we will encourage you to continue to remember, and be, who you really are

 What makes Wisborough different?

 What can Wisborough do for you?

Why others are pleased they chose Wisborough

 Wisborough Projects have included


What makes Wisborough different?

If you are a company we would like to build a relationship with you to help you review and embed changes into your business to make it more successful.  We are there for the long term and will be there to support you long after a project has finished to help you maintain the success.  


a young managerIf you are a delegate on a Wisborough Programme or workshop you will meet with Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt before coming on the Programme so that you can talk about the problems you want to resolve, and explore what you want to gain from working with Chrissie & Richard.  They want to really understand your needs before they start helping you to your achieve goals.   


You will have individual attention from Chrissie & Richard as Wisborough Programmes are generally limited to SIX delegates to ensure that you will be able to work on your current issues, and find practical solutions that you can put into effect immediately.


When you return to work you will continue to be supported by email and phone to help you put your new insights and skills into practise so that they easily become your natural way of working.


Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt of Wisborough have twenty years experience of working in a variety of settings; in organisations, with individuals and teams.  They work in the public, private and voluntary sectors on a variety of projects.   They facilitate groups, run workshops and courses, speak at conferences, and have a counselling practice.  They are co-authors of “Wisboroughs - Make a New Start with a Fresh View on Life”.


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What can Wisborough do for you?


Organisational Development

Personal Development

Spiritual Development


Why others are pleased they chose Wisborough


a Director on a Wisborough course"In the past I haven't accurately seen the power I have - now I feel more powerful in Board meetings.  I came on the Programme because I wanted to treat people well and still get the job done.  I found out what's been getting in my way.   I learned how to get what I want and maintain my integrity.   Now I want my Managers to come on the Programme.”


“The way you two work together complements each other - you play to the other's strengths, and are frank and open with us, yet there's lots of humour"   


“At the time I couldn’t see the point of the one-to-one interviews before the course, but now realise that you used everything to put the course together to help us all individually. Two days + one is really good.  It gave us a chance to practise in between, and bring our successes back.  This was the most beneficial course I’ve ever done”  


senior woman manager"I've been on so many courses before, but this is the one that has had the most impact on the way I work - it explained so much more about my thoughts, feelings and needs, and their effect.  You think you’re at a level where you do communication well, and then you realise there is so much more.  It’s a shock.”


“I've never been criticised here and yet I learned more about myself in a few days than ever before.   I have found a sanctuary here - a place where I can be myself.”  


“I came on the Programme expecting to learn about other people.   I also learned so much about myself - I got twice the value!"  


women enjoying a wisborough course


“You helped us to know what and how to do things, rather than simply offering theories as so many other courses do. You related things to our situations. It was made personal to each of us.” 


“I’ve seen the dihappy person on a coursefference as my deputy has taken the learning on board.  I’m pleased because I’ve let her manage differently and take it into the team, so that it has changed the way the staff work.  They will cope without us when we can’t be there.  The staff are now more organised.”  


“Most courses you do, you leave behind when you go, but this one you’ll never leave behind.  It’s a very professional course, but I didn’t feel under any pressure.  Your timing was always just right.”


To find out more about how Wisborough could help you be the best that you can be contact us or email or give us a call on 01798 872266


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Wisborough Projects have included:


·         A 4 year project with a health authority to introduce and run an annual management training and development programme, an appraisal scheme, a briefing group network and senior management development projects


·         Developing a team of managers to become trainers in a large financial company  (Sun Alliance)


·         Team development for a research and development company (Philips Research Laboratories)


·         Developing a multi-cultural management team for a new commercial enterprise in Russia  (Aeroflot Marriotts)

port macquarie sea


·         A 4 year project to supply the management training and development for a large engineering company  (MEL)


·         A personal development project for the management & staff of a national voluntary agency to ensure the closure of units caused no negative political publicity (Barnardos)


·         The design and delivery of the Conscious Leadership Programmes - an open leadership development programme based on using emotional intelligence


·         Facilitating the Dean and Chapter of a cathedral to refocus their work and the way they work together (Ely)

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·         Developing the Board of a company and setting the values that would be used for decision-making (Gemini)


·         The design and delivery of the Powerful Communications Programme – an open development programme in Australia


·         Coaching on Danah Zohar’s course on Spiritual Intelligence in Business


·         One-to-one work with directors in a variety of companies to develop both themselves and their companies


port macquarie sea

·         Team development in a London hospital using an innovative values based approach  (St. Charles Hospital)


·         Identifying values and ways that the Australian business could express them (Mills Eaton Communications)


·         Team development for a dental practice (Squirrels)


·     Working with long term unemployed people in New South Wales to develop confidence and resilience.  Then Setting up, and training managers and caseworkers to carry out a new client review process (Work Directions)


·         A cultural change programme to give a more positive leadership approach (HumberVHB)


port macquarie sea

·         Conscious Leadership Programmes in-house for Residential & Day Care Managers in the voluntary sector (Guildcare)


·         Positive & Powerful Leadership Programmes in-house for a local authority in New South Wales (Port Macquarie Hastings Council)


To find out more contact us or email or give us a call on 01798 872266


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If you are a leader

a manager on a wisborough courseIn this uncertain climate there aren’t always rules to follow, so you have to be able to discern the best way forward.  There are often different views and you have to be able to find a way through the disagreements and still take people with you as you find a solution. To be able to lead in this way you need to have an enormous level of self-awareness and self-confidence.  You need to be able to use your emotional  intelligence to develop strong relationships that you can depend on.   


Remember John Adair’s “Action Centred Leadership” model, the three overlapping circles: “Task”, “Group” and “Individual”. He suggested that a good leader needed to do activities to meet the needs of all three, and to balance them according to the situation. This is good practice and the basis for many competencies we see used today. 


business owner enjoying a wisborough courseHowever, we now recognise that to perform these activities we need not only the practical skills, but also the competencies of emotional and spiritual intelligence, confidence, self-knowledge, and the ability to create and maintain productive relationships.  Daniel Goleman introduced us to Emotional Intelligence, and showed us that successful people had these competencies. <a href=> click here </a> to check out Daniel Goleman’s site. Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall introduced us to Spiritual Intelligence and showed us that successful leaders work with integrity and their personal values. <a href=> click here </a> to check out Danah Zohar.


Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence competencies

There was a flurry of activity generated by EQ, with many instruments being developed to identify people’s levels of competence in EQ, and their training needs, and courses were developed to gain these competencies. Zohar and Marshall have now also developed an instrument to measure Spiritual Intelligence.  Cindy Wigglesworth offers an on-line assessment of Spiritual Intelligence <a href=> click here </a>


a manager on a wisborough programmeDaniel Goleman, with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee refined their ideas into the Emotional Intelligence competencies needed for leadership (see “The New Leaders - Transforming the art of leadership into the science of results”). These competencies are: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Zohar & Marshall have identified positive motivators such as “exploration”, “co-operation”, “power within”, “mastery”, “generativity”, and “higher service” (see “Spiritual Capital - Wealth We Can Live By”), and Cindy wigglesworth has identified skills of Spiritual Intelligence. 


At Wisborough, Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt have been using these ideas as the basis of the Conscious Leadership Programme. Following what we know about the best way for people to learn, the programme has been designed as 3 x 2 day modules with time in between for the integration of the learning. The modules are: Using Your Emotions to Create Success, Making & Maintaining Positive Relationships, and Influencing with Integrity.


Individual attention on the Conscious Leadership Programme

Following Boyatzis and McKee’s, and Zohar and Marshall’s suggestions on how these competencies can best be learned, the Cmanager on a wisborough programmeonscious Leadership Programme offers self-reflection, insights, and then practical skills to translate the ideas into actionable solutions.  A coaching approach is suggested, and the Wisborough Programme follows the principles of coaching quite closely, both in the process of learning and group size. The group is limited to six participants, with Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt as the two facilitators so that delegates have the advantage of individual attention.


Although Wisborough also run Coaching Programmes for Conscious Achievement <a href=> Click here </a> it was decided that there were advantages to running the Conscious Leadership Programme for a group.  People not only get a wider perspective by hearing how others do things, they also learn about being part of a group and can practise together and support each other.


completing an EQ questionnaireHow competent are you as an emotionally intelligent leader?

Before the programme delegates are asked to complete a questionnaire based on the EQ leadership competencies to help them identify what they would like to learn. Some of the statements are printed here so that you can begin to check out how competent you think you are.



Simply rate yourself 1-5 (1 = low level of competence to 5 = high level of competence) and see what you discover about yourself.




[     ]  I am self-confident

[     ]  I have a sense of purpose

[     ]  I am able to persuade others about my passion

[     ]  I take myself lightly

[     ]  I have integrity

[     ]  I can be calm or full of energy as I wish

[     ]  I am optimistic, seeing the good in people and situations, and do not get disheartened by set backs

[     ]  I can quickly see what is happening in a relationship, a meeting, or an organisation

[     ]  I am able to get along with people from different cultures or with different values

[     ]  I am candid and authentic, and speak about my emotions, convictions and visions

[     ]  I am able to resolve conflicts


To find out more contact us or email or give us a call on 01798 872266


We hope that you will enjoy working with WISBOROUGH soon.


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