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Conscious Leadership Programme

A leadership course for leaders who want to be authentic, resilient, and successful

Tomorrow's leaders

 Can you maintain your integrity when making tough decisions? 

  When times are difficult do you just react or can you be a Conscious Leader? 


Would you like to consistently inspire your team to be really successful?

If you would like to develop the self awareness and skills to be an authentic, and Conscious Leader we can help you.  The Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme is an ever evolving cutting edge development programme that will give you the calmness and courage to be the best that you can be

The Conscious Leadership Programme will question who you are as a leader.  It will increase your emotional intelligence, make your relationships more effective, and help you be authentic as you use your values to deal with difficult situations with integrity. 


The Conscious Leadership Programme, run by Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt, is limited to six people to ensure maximum benefit to each delegate.


I’ve been on so many courses, but this is the one that has had the most impact on the way I work”


Why choose the conscious  leadership programme?


The Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme is made up of three two day workshops:  

Using Your Emotions to Create Success –  21st & 22nd March 2024

Making and Maintaining Positive Relationships - 11th & 12th April 2024

Using Your Wisdom – 2nd & 3rd May 2024


 When you are making decisions or solving problems what is happening to your emotions?  Emotions can be your helpmates or your enemies. They can signal what you really need to do, or simply cause confusions.  They can stress you or help you be peaceful.  It all depends on how well you understand  them, and what you do with them. 

Successful leaders are able to use feelings as clues to help them know the right action to take.  They can then let the feelings go, and be clear about the way forward.  Successful leaders use their emotional intelligence. 

With only 6 delegates this practical workshop will help you to:

  • See the effect emotions have on you and others
  • Know how your emotions influence your choices, decision making, and problem solving
  • Recognise the beliefs underlying your emotions
  • Learn how to step back from your emotions, use mindfulness
  • Draw from a range of tools to manage your emotions positively
  • Communicate in ways that create understanding and real contact with others 

“I came on the programme expecting to learn about other people. I also learned so much about myself - I got twice the value!”

Come and find out how to use your emotions to help you be the best leader you can be


Our world is built on relationships. Good relationships make a positive difference at work and at home. Leaders know how to build positive relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the community

This practical workshop, with a maximum of six delegates, will help you to:

  • Make choices that will create successful relationships
  • Be clear about the purpose of your relationships
  • Know what makes a good relationship
  • Discover how you can consciously make a positive difference to your relationships
  • Understand the concept of a relationship as a separate entity
  • Clarify your boundaries, rights and responsibilities
  • Communicate positively and confidently
  •  Give and get more from your relationships


 I came on the programme because I wanted to treat people well and still get the job done.  I found out what’s been getting in my way.  I learned how to get what I want and maintain my integrity. Now I want my managers to come on the programme

Come and find out how to create successful relationships


MODULE 3 - USING YOUR WISDOM – 2nd & 3rd May 2024

a succesful managerSuccessful leaders can see a better future, and have the interpersonal skills and resilience to create the right conditions in which it will happen. You need to know yourself well. You need to be authentic, and people need to know that you have integrity.

This final workshop is an opportunity to help you see how you can lead with integrity and use your communication skills to bring out the best in yourself and others. It will help you to:

·         Be more authentic and confident

·         Know how your values determine all your decisions

·         Put your point of view persuasively

·         Resolve conflict

·         Use listening skills effectively

·         Deal with difficult situations more effectively

·         Identify and use your sources of power


Consciously care about your vision, your people and yourself


“You think you’re at a level where you do communication well, and then you realise there is so much more. It’s a shock


Come and find out how to maintain your authenticity and integrity so that you can be the best leader that you can be


The Approach on a Conscious Leadership Programme

The Conscious Leadership Programme uses a transpersonal and practical approach that includes reflection, discussion, visualisations, creativity, meditation, and behavioural skills training.


The Cost of a Conscious Leadership Programme

The cost of the Conscious Leadership Programme is £2200 or £1950  if the Programme is booked six weeks in advance. The Programme is limited to six delegates to build a supportive learning group, and it is facilitated by Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt. Each workshop builds upon the others to strengthen skills and understanding. This non-residential programme will be held at our venue in Pulborough, West Sussex.


“The way you two work together complements each other - you play to the other’s strengths, and are frank and open with us, yet there’s lots of humour”


What Next?

To book a Conscious Leadership Programme  go to contact us or email headed “Conscious Leadership Programme” or phone 01798 872 266

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You need emotional intelligence

a business owner on a wisborough courseIn this uncertain climate there aren’t always rules to follow, so you have to be able to discern the best way forward.  There are often different views and you have to be able to find a way through the disagreements and still take people with you as you find a solution. To be able to lead in this way you need to have an enormous level of self-awareness and self-confidence.  You need to be able to use your emotional  intelligence to develop strong relationships that you can depend on.   


Remember John Adair’s “Action Centred Leadership” model, the three overlapping circles: “Task”, “Group” and “Individual”. He suggested that a good leader needed to do activities to meet the needs of all three, and to balance them according to the situation. This is good practice and the basis for many competencies we see used today. 


However, we now recognise that to perform these activities we need not only the practical skills, but also the competencies of emotional and spiritual intelligence, confidence, self-knowledge, and the ability to create and maintain productive relationships.  Daniel Goleman introduced us to Emotional Intelligence, and showed us that successful people had these competencies. Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall introduced us to Spiritual Intelligence and showed us that successful leaders work with integrity and their personal values.


Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence competencies

Executive on a wisborough courseThere was a flurry of activity generated by EQ, with many instruments being developed to identify people’s levels of competence in EQ, and their training needs, and courses were developed to gain these competencies. Zohar and Marshall have now also developed an instrument to measure Spiritual Intelligence.  Cindy Wigglesworth offers an on-line assessment of Spiritual Intelligence


Daniel Goleman, with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee refined their ideas into the Emotional Intelligence competencies needed for leadership (see “The New Leaders - Transforming the art of leadership into the science of results”). These competencies are: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Zohar & Marshall have identified positive motivators such as “exploration”, “co-operation”, “power within”, “mastery”, “generativity”, and “higher service” (see “Spiritual Capital - Wealth We Can Live By”), and Cindy wigglesworth has identified skills of Spiritual Intelligence. 


chrissie McGinn & Richard HewittIndividual attention

At Wisborough, Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt have been using these ideas as the basis of the Conscious Leadership Programme. Following what we know about the best way for people to learn, the programme has been designed as 3 x 2 day modules with time in between for the integration of the learning. The modules are: Using Your Emotions to Create Success, Making & Maintaining Positive Relationships, and Influencing with Integrity.


Individual attention on the Conscious Leadership Programme

Following Boyatzis and McKee’s, and Zohar and Marshall’s suggestions on how these competencies can best be learned, the Conscious Leadership Programme offers self-reflection, insights, and then practical skills to translate the ideas into actionable solutions.  A coaching approach is suggested, and the Wisborough Programme follows the principles of coaching quite closely, both in the process of learning and group size. The group is limited to six participants, with Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt as the two facilitators so that delegates have the advantage of individual attention.


Although Wisborough also run coaching programmes for conscious achievement it was decided that there were advantages to running the Conscious Leadership Programme for a group.  People not only get a wider perspective by hearing how others do things, they also learn about being part of a group and can practise together and support each other.


How competent are you as an emotionally intelligent leader?

Before the programme delegates are asked to complete a questionnaire based on the EQ leadership competencies to help a delegate on a wisborough programmethem identify what they would like to learn. Some of the statements are printed here so that you can begin to check out how competent you think you are.


Simply rate yourself 1-5 (1 = low level of competence to 5 = high level of competence) and see what you discover about yourself.

[     ]  I am self-confident

[     ]  I have a sense of purpose

[     ]  I am able to persuade others about my passion

[     ]  I take myself lightly

[     ]  I have integrity

[     ]  I can be calm or full of energy as I wish

[     ]  I am optimistic, seeing the good in people and situations, and do not get disheartened by set backs

[     ]  I can quickly see what is happening in a relationship, a meeting, or an organisation

[     ]  I am able to get along with people from different cultures or with different values

[     ]  I am candid and authentic, and speak about my emotions, convictions and visions

[     ]  I am able to resolve conflicts


Some comments from previous delegates

The Conscious Leadership Programme has been very successful.  Here are some comments from delegates:


"In the past I haven't accurately seen the power I have - now I feel more powerful in Director working on a wisborough courseBoard meetings.  I came on the Programme because I wanted to treat people well and still get the job done.  I found out what's been getting in my way.   I learned how to get what I want and maintain my integrity.   Now I want my Managers to come on the Programme.


The way you two work together complements each other - you play to the other's strengths, and are frank and open with us, yet there's lots of humour"   (Chris White-Moncrief,  Operations Director,  Humber VHB)


"I've been on so many courses before, but this is the one that has had the most impact on the way I work - it explained so much more about my thoughts, feelings and needs, and their effect.  You think you’re at a level where you do communication well, and then you realise there is so much more.  It’s a shock.


I've never been criticised here and yet I learned more about myself in a few days than ever before.   I have found a sanctuary here - a place where I can be myself.   I came on the Programme expecting to learn about other people.   I also learned so much about myself - I got twice

the value!" (Steve Taylor, Proprietor, Dental Practice)


A satisfied client

“Most courses you do, you leave behind when you go, but this one you’ll never leave behind. It's a very professional course, but I didn't feel under any pressure - your timing  was always just right"  (Steve Hamilton,  National Sales Director, Parador Properties)


The dates for the next Conscious Leadership Programme are: -  

Using Your Emotions to Create Success  - 21st & 22nd March

Making & Maintaining Positive Relationships - 11th & 12th April

Using Your Wisdom -2nd & 3rd May                    


The Programme costs £2200 or £1950 if paid six weeks before the Programme starts


What Next? To book a Conscious Leadership Programme  go to contact us or email headed “Conscious Leadership Programme” or phone 01798 872 266


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