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Compassionate Transitions

Make Life Transitions with ease and self compassion

Making Compassionate transitions

As so many of us are in a time of transition at the moment, Wisborough has launched a new workshop - Compassionate Transitions.  During the last few years you may have found some transitions easier to manage than others, but it can sometimes feel almost impossible to hold on to a sense of hope and possibility.  This has prompted us to explore how we can make transitions in life easier.  

With grace and tenderness, we can make transitions more bearable and find our way through them to a place that feels safer.  The Compassionate Transitions Workshop will help you navigate these difficult times with gentleness and care. 

Some transitions are small changes we choose to make, others may be bigger ones that we can perhaps feel just happen to us unexpectedly, and these may be more difficult to navigate.  Times of transition can be anything from learning a new skill, moving house, changing job, going on a diet, or giving up alcohol, to having a serious illness or accident, being made redundant, or losing a partner.  We all deal with transitions in different ways, sometimes well, sometimes not so hopefully. 

During times of transition there is often loss to be managed and new paths to be found.  We may feel hurt, angry, scared, sad, unsure of ourselves and the way forward.  So, we’re interested in how we can make the transition easier by understanding what happens to us, by having self compassion and by being gentle on ourselves.  When we are able to do this the transition can be a time of growth and new beginnings.  

If you’d like to explore what you can do to ease transitions in your life do join us on this workshop on Saturday, 27th April from 9.30 – 4.00.  We’ll provide a light lunch, and comfortable, relaxed surroundings.  The numbers will be limited to give everyone time.  Free, but donations welcome. 

Some comments from participants

This was a safe place to experience self compassion

I discovered tools to help me go through future transitions more calmly

Self compassion can enrich your life

It was a relief to be able to share my experiences

Different phases in life bring different transitions

If you would like to find out more about the Compassionate Transitions Workshop Contact us or call 01798 872266 


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